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Barrio Letterpress was born out of a passion for collaboration; a lifelong love of paper + stationery; and the jarring realization whilst planning my own nuptials that I could not find a wedding stationer of color to create our invitations.

Barrio is a safe space for those who have been historically marginalized and stigmatized by societal norms and expectations. Both in life and as a professional, it is imperative to me that I participate in the positive representation of my ancestors' legacies and help pave the way forward. This community of paper lovers and creative collaborators is my contribution.

Spanish for neighborhood;
a community where we come together to make paper magic

Est. in NYC,

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If it can be made with my hands, I’m on it. If it’ll add joy to someone else’s life, I’m hyper-focused on doing the job in the best way possible. I'm happiest when I'm creating + serving others. 

In addition to being a designer and businesswoman, I am a high school teacher who specializes in keeping it real and lovingly pushing my students to their fullest potential. I treat them the same way I treat my loved ones + house plants which is to say, I fret over them endlessly and they are very spoiled.

My happiest days are when the sun is shining and I’m pounding the pavement in my beloved NYC or I'm snuggled in bed with my hubs, tot, and pup. There are very few exceptions to this but I'm always open to trying new things! (Just don't ever suggest I give up cold brew + we'll get along fine.)

I'm a virgo, an Enneagram 2 and an INFP, for all the personality test fans out there. If you're not into that sort of thing, let me summarize it for you- I'm curious, adaptable, loyal and a strong communicator.

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