In order to craft products that truly leave an impression (printer jokes, heh)- we specialize in letterpress printing. Each digital design is carefully and intentionally designed to be optimally replicated on polymer plates, which are made from a process similar to exposing 35mm film. The "negative" washes away and leaves behind a raised image. We then adhere the plate to an aluminum base placed inside one of our antique printing presses. Each ink is mixed by hand and applied to the press one color at a time.

Letterpress Printing



At Barrio, our machinery collection *currently* includes two antique printing presses named after my very beloved grandmothers. The one who started it all, Doña Dolores, a Craftsmen Superior-named for my maternal grandmother, was fully restored in house. Although she's not used as frequently, she taught me to respect the hell out of antique machinery. Doña Luz is a motorized Chandler & Price press dating back to the early 1920s. She does it *all* and reminds me that strong, powerful things are also beautiful.

The Presses

we're pleased to offer:

Letterpress Printing
Digital Printing
Foil Stamping
Die Cutting
Paper Dyeing
Envelope Addressing
Artwork Digitization

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